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Feel Your Vocal Register Changes On Each Note

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The singing lesson epiphany continues. Understanding how to singing higher and lower effortlessly is critical to beautiful tone. The ability to move up and down registers smoothly is greatly improved by using weights or exercise bands. The singer should feel how each note is created and where the vibrations are.

The vocal folds have five different ways of adjusting pitch. Vocal registers reference the position the vocal folds must change to to accommodate pitch, volume and/or tone changes.

Pitch changes should never be forced. This would cause a strong antagonistic reaction in the vocal folds itself. See "Singing Lesson #1 Most Important Vocal Technique To Reduce Strain"

Relaxation of all muscles from the neck up is key. The facial muscles should be completely relaxed. This is called the "Dopey Face".

Please see blog on "Absolute Best Vocal Warm-Up & Exercise"

For exercise scale:

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