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Stop Forcing Your Voice! Use Your Mixed Voice

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Most singers don't realize that the natural way that we speak is already forcing the vocal folds to work harder than it has to.


Because the air has to essentially be pushed up against the vocal folds by a group of muscles call "forced expiration muscles".


Because otherwise, there won't be enough stimulation against the vocal folds. Like twanging a rubber band, it doesn't make a sound if struck too gently. We, therefore, won't be able to sing louder than a whisper.

The other problem that occurs naturally is the vocal folds close tightly as soon as we start to talk or sing. This is so it can resist the airflow sufficiently to get itself to vibrate enough that we can hear your voice. This naturally occurring closure is too tight for beautiful, comfortable voice production.

So what are we supposed to do? How do we stop forcing our voice?

If you saw one of my youtube videos about the naturally occurring mixed voice, you knew that the easiest way to develop one is to speak and sing in a "kind and gentle" fashion. When done correctly, this would immediately control the forced sound and tight mechanics and results in a much better, comfortable tone.

Is it easy to do?

For some, absolutely. As long as you understand what a kind and gentle voice is. It's the sound most people use when they're talking to a two year old. The two year old's eardrums are not fully developed and sharp sounds cause discomfort.

They react to this sound by crying or running away. Whenever we're hearing someone speak or sing to us like this, we also want to escape from this sound.

Oh, and congratulations, if you can sing like this, you've just developed your mixed voice.

Stay tuned for a new mixed voice lesson that you've never seen or read before.

See youtube short demonstration of mixed voice exercise:

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Thanks for your time and have a greaaaat day!

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