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Voice Lesson Epiphany With Weight Training

Very excited! The biggest epiphany in singing in 50 years. As I've been training students with weights to help them sing smoother, I've discovered how they work to make singing easier. This epiphany has changed most of my techniques and how I sing. I realized that almost all of us have been trained and have been training others with tension based techniques.

More importantly I've found how to train without the gloves (weights)! I was able to define the sound the students were making was simply a matter of being able to sing up and down a scale without any tension.

We'd already been working on releasing all tension from

the neck up prior to the weight training.

As you move up the scale tension naturally increases. This must be kept to its minimum. The weights help to stabilize the support muscles to allow the diaphragm to do ALL the work, not the vocal cords. This changes everything about the way I teach. Hence the epiphany! And students love it!

See youtube short for demonstration:

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Thanks for your time and have a greaaaat day!


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