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Why American Idol's Iam Tongi's Voice Is So Special

Updated: May 20, 2023

Iam Tongi, I'm proud to say hails from my home state, Hawaii. He's from Kahuku High School that's usually known for its nationally ranked football team. His voice just happens to be a style of singing that I'm currently teaching.

Iam Tongi has a laid-back way of singing. It is part of the culture of Hawaii. "Hang loose" (relax) and "Hawaii time"(do things slowly or arrive late) are some examples of this laid back culture. I'm not saying that he doesn't put energy into his voice. I'm saying that the way he sings is very efficient with no excess tension or unnecessary effort.

My blog emphasizes this style of singing because it is the only way to sing with the most beautiful tone and comfort at the same time. It helps to understand the science of the how the vocal muscles operate and how they all work together to accomplish this efficiency. When there is no excess tension, you have only pure tone, which you could say is the definition of beauty. This style of singing is also the easiest way to sing with emotion as the voice is free of tension. Any tension in voice production is audible. You can hear tension in the voice. This audible tension is also an emotion, but often times not the intended emotion of the singer. Iam Tongi's style of singing emphasizes this emotion. He is emotive without really trying to be. He's able to sing with perceived feeling because he has so little tension in his voice. It's quite obvious, as it should be that the emotion is evident as soon as he opens his mouth.

Part of how Iam Tongi developed his voice is one of the most effective ways to train your voice. Iam Tongi sings like how he talks. Most people talk inefficiently which results in an excessively nasal tone. That's one of the main reasons people hate the sound of their voices. It is completely natural to speak that way because that's how the body is designed to produce communicative sounds. Babies did not have to be trained to make loud sounds from birth. But of course, a pleasant loud sound is NOT natural. If it were the baby's loud cries would be nice to listen to and everyone would have beautiful singing voices. Then singing would be not be a special activity.

So, if you want to sing like Iam Tongi, start speaking in a more gentle way and learn to sing more efficiently. I'll reference the blogs below so you can start.

If you've learned anything, please "heart"the blog and become a member. Or go ahead and try a lesson.

Thanks for your time and have a greaaaat day!

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2 comentarios

Ian Tongi is the new American Idol!

Such a soothing vibrant voice. To be relaxed in this tense state of the world is a great gift. The challenge of achieving less physical tension through and while singing is a great goal. Not easy for me but very worthwhile.


Me gusta
Craig Shimizu
Craig Shimizu
22 may 2023
Contestando a

Yes, he is one of those "voices of the ages". There were two other past contestants who sang on the finale who had similar voices to Iam but because if slight tension in their voices, it doesn't have the warmth that Iam has.

Me gusta
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