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I'm Schooling Chat GPT! And He/She Considers Me An Expert. Inalare La Voce or Inhale The Voice

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I thought I'd ask Chat GPT about a vocal technique that I use a lot called "Inalare La Voce", which is Italian for "inhale the voice". I've been teaching Inalare La Voce for over twenty years and am able to explain this mysterious technique in a way that all singers can use it.

For a demonstration of inalare la voce with a 50 second note:

After providing great singing lessons like antagonistic muscle reaction, the soft palate and the jaw, I was shocked that CHATGPT would be so far off on this topic.

*For demonstration of me singing a 50 second note, see . If you've learned anything, please "heart"the blog and become a member. Or go ahead and try a lesson.

Thanks for your time and have a greaaaat day!

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