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Your journey starts now. Prepare for the unexpected.

Why Is My Teaching Different

I will teach you to sing effortlessly regardless of the style of singing from pop to classical. You will learn the key scientific principles that are needed to accomplish this. The science is difficult to understand, but the method is easy to learn. Read more in the blog section or come in for a lesson. You'll be shocked. And it doesn't matter how long or with whom you've studied. You've never been taught this.

What You'll Learn

Learn to sing stress free physically and emotionally

Singing Sensei Video Channel

Singing Sensei Video Channel

Singing Sensei Video Channel
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Tiffa Cruz Worship Class On Final Day Of Lessons

Tiffa Cruz Worship Class On Final Day Of Lessons

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Colette Gomoto Performing "Blues In The Night"

Colette Gomoto Performing "Blues In The Night"

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Tyler Devere Singing "Forever Love"

Tyler Devere Singing "Forever Love"

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Testimonials 5

"I have been singing (wailing power rocknroll type singing)  for years and performing on tours with back to back performances that have lasted as long as a month.  I was NEVER professionally trained.  After years of wear and tear on the vocals I noticed it was becoming harder to hit notes with the confidence and strength that I could before.  I also noticed my vocals and throat were sore and felt ragged and raw after performing.  I was losing my voice more often.   Worried I might lose my singing capabilities altogether I signed up for a lesson from Mr. Shimizu.  He pointed out all the areas off tension and strain that shouldn't be there when you are singing.  He taught me how to breathe properly and how to let my breath carry out my notes without forcing it through tension.  I really had no idea how much my bad singing habits were hurting my voice.  After practicing my newly learned technique I saw a HUGE improvement in all areas of my singing.  Most importantly... it didn't hurt to sing anymore.  Thank You Mr. Shimizu!  We just finished another round of back to back rehearsals and touring and my vocals and throat remained happy and healthy.   I got my confidence back vocally which makes a big difference in the performance as well.  I am so appreciative!" - KS

"I began seeing Craig in 2019 after making the commitment to take music more seriously. Craig has been an incredible part of my growth process, as a singer and as an artist. His expertise, passion and genuine kindness for his students are just few of the qualities that make him the best of the best. If you are looking for someone to help you sing confidently, and really hone in on your craft, Craig is the perfect instructor. As I prepare to enter into recording studios, as well as train as a performer, I can truly say that his lessons have provided a safe space for me to continue to flourish." -FF

"I have been studying singing for years.  Reviewed hundreds of youtube vocal videos and bought many singing programs: Ken Tamplin, Kevin Richard's Breaking the Chains, Brett Manning Singing Success, etc.  Years trying to figure things out and after 3 lessons I got a good idea where I was making big mistakes.  Craig is a great teacher for both young and old.  Don't waste time and thousands of dollars singing along to piano scales w/o understanding good vocal placement and techniques.  If you strain while singing, see Craig.   Simple as that." - GS

"Craig has been fantastic!!! As a gigging musician he really has been teaching the nuances that I've been utilizing to hone my voice. He's super non-judge mental and really just wants to make me sound good, which makes singing in front of him confortable. I honestly have been skeptical of singing teachers in the past, as I have had experiences just singing scales over and over again. Craig is the real deal. I noticed vast improvements in my vocal tone after just a few lessons, and was hitting notes well above what I thought my vocal range was.
He also helped me discover my middle voice, which now allows me to sing with ease without straining.
I can go on and on about the benefits I've noticed, but I don't want to make this post too long. If you're considering getting a voice lesson from Craig, I suggest scheduling your first lesson, and thank yourself later, haha." - EN

"It is now 2021 and Kennedy Taylor has been with Craig Shimizu for nearly 5 years now and it has been an amazing journey. Craig continues to challenge and mentor Kennedy with her singing, articulation and performance. He especially was pivotal in preparing Kennedy with her vocals before she went into the recording studio. Kennedy Taylor and The Electric Pancakes will be releasing their original music this summer 2021.
So if your wanting to learn how to sing or take your singing to next levels? There is non better on Island thank Shimizu Voice. Contact him and you won't regret it! Let him know that Kennedy Taylor sent you!" - LM

"Craig is awesome. He is one of the most knowledgeable, kindest, caring, helpful coaches I've ever met. He really knows what he is talking about and has helped me immensely. I used to have throat pain and raspy-ness when I sang due to wrong technique. I was singing like that for so long that I thought it was normal and I had trained myself to get used to that type of singing. I no longer get raspy when I sing UNLESS I do something that he did not teach me. I have almost broken that habit with the help of Craig and his knowledge that he so freely gives me. I really do look forward to our lessons and am grateful to have him in my life. He works me toward the sound and feeling that I want when I sing, without straining my voice. He is a great teacher; I will recommend him to anyone who asks." - SS

Every once on a while, I think about our time in lessons together.  You know how we touch the lives of others, even though we don’t realize the power of it in the moment?

Just wanted you to know that I still love singing (and my friends enjoy my singing at gatherings too!).  I am indebted to you for helping me at a very difficult time in my life.   You believed in me, encouraged me.  You gave me a voice, a way to express myself in a way I never thought I could.  You asked me to step outside myself.  I am grateful for that nudge and, because of your trust in me, I was able to step up to that challenge.

So strange how our lives intersect, how we touch the lives of others…

Just wanted you to know… because we all doubt ourselves at times, wonder if what we do and the path we walk is truly meaningful.  Trust me, your path is so much an expression of who you are at the deepest level.  You have been given a gift and, not only have you not squandered what you have been given, you have shared it freely.  You have given myself and others a voice. 

With much gratitude:)

Loren R.


1070 N King St #208, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA

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